Current or prospective PhD students of UIC may apply to join the ESP-IGERT program as Fellows or as Associates. Applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in doing research in electronic security and privacy and in taking the classes of our program. Fellowships are typically awarded to PhD students after they complete the first year of the PhD in their home department. However, outstanding PhD students may apply for the fellowship in the first year of their PhD. 

The application procedures are the same for Associates and Fellows. However, the fellowship may be awarded only to US citizens and permanent residents.

Current PhD Students

If you are a PhD student at UIC or interested in research in security and privacy, please visit our current students page for more details on the  application procedure and required documents.

Prospective PhD Students

If you are not a PhD student, you must apply to a PhD program at UIC concurrently to applying to join the ESP-IGERT program. For more details on the application procedure and required documents, please visit our prospective students page.