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Prospective Students

Applicants must be admitted in a PhD program at UIC to be eligible to join our program. However, the application to the PhD program and the application to join the ESP-IGERT program may be done concurrently. Note that different departments have different admission requirements into their PhD programs. In addition to individual departmental requirements, the ESP-IGERT program has the following application requirements:


  • Application to join as Fellow
    • Applicants must demonstrate previous experience and/or a strong research interest in electronic security and privacy.
    • Applicants must demonstrate a strong record of academic excellence.
    • Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents.
  • Application to join as Associate
    • Applicants must have previous experience or strong research interest in electronic security and privacy
    • Applicants must demonstrate a strong record of academic excellence

Required Documentation

    1. A two-page letter describing your experiences and achievements in electronic security and privacy, your interest in the program, and your professional goals in this field.
    2. A resume highlighting your technical, communication, health informatics, or public policy experiences in the area of security and privacy.
    3. An unofficial copy of all transcripts.
    4. Proof of US citizenship or permanent residency (only if you are applying as Fellow).
    5. Two recommendation letters from professors you have worked with, supervisors, or coworkers. You can ask the recommenders to send their recommendation letter in electronic format to, or submit them via the online application form. 
    6. Proof of application to the PhD program in one of the  departments affiliated with ESP-IGERT. 

Application Procedure

    1. Review the application requirements, deadlines, and degree requirements of your home PhD program. Links to the PhD application pages of the core departments participating in ESP-IGERT can be found here. Note, however, that that list is not comprehensive of all the departments at UIC.
    2. Apply to be admitted in your chosen PhD program. In your application, please indicate that you would like to be considered for the ESP-IGERT program. 
    3. Concurrently, apply online to join the ESP-IGERT program by submitting the required documentation listed above.
If you have any questions or need further clarifications, our faculty and staff will be happy to help you in this step of the application. Do not hesitate to write us at


  • We accept applications throughout the year. However, applications are typically reviewed during the months of April and May for the Fall semester and during the months of September and October for the Spring semester. To avoid delays in the review of your application and for maximum consideration, we suggest to submit all the required documentation by April 1 if you are applying to join in the fall semester, and by September 1 if you are applying to join in the Spring semester.