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Ed Zawacki Presentation

Managing Security in an Academic Environment

Ed Zawacki
Chief Security and Privacy Officer, UIC

November 12th from 2-3pm, SEO 1000

Students, staff and faculty all use IT in different ways and in different environments on campus. This creates unique challenges and responsibilities for the ACCC Security Office. This talk will discuss the IT environment at UIC, the historical role of the security office and how it is changing to meet the needs of the campus  for the future.

With 29 years of IT experience, in 2012 Ed Zawacki was officially named Chief Security and Privacy Officer and with a staff of three (growing to a staff of five) he leads ACCC's efforts to monitor the health and security
of the network, works with law enforcement and University Counsel on legal matters, interacts with other CSOs in the UofI system and guides IT security policy on campus.