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Elain Yuan - January 28, 2013

We invite you to attend the ESP-IGERT Colloquia Series on Monday, January 28th from 2-3pm in SEO 1000. Elaine Yuan, UIC Department of Communication, will present:

“Privacy” in Semantic Networks on Chinese Social Media: The Case of Sina Weibo

Unprecedented social and technological developments call into question the meanings and boundaries of privacy in contemporary China. This study examines the discourse of privacy on Sina Weibo, the country’s largest social medium, by performing a semantic network analysis of 18,000 postings containing the word “隐私; (privacy).” The cluster analysis identifies eleven distinct yet organically related concept clusters, each representing a unique dimension of meaning of the complex concept. The interpretation of the findings is situated in the discussion of the rapidly evolving private realm in relation to emerging new contexts
of the public realm. Privacy, justified for both its instrumental functions and intrinsic values, both reflects and constitutes new forms of sociality on the socio-techno space of Weibo.

Elaine Yuan, PhD is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. Her research examines, within the frameworks comparative cultural studies and multiple modernities, issues of online journalism, online community,
privacy, and mobile communication.