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Kate Corcos & Kate Kaplan

Presenting Yourself to Potential Employers

                                Kate Kaplan                                                Kathy Corcos                         
           Director Engineering Career Center                     Program Coordinator  

Monday, October 8, from 2-3pm, SEO 1000

The colloquium will feature a presentation by Kate Corcos and Kate Kaplan on "Presenting Yourself to Potential Employers." They will discuss differences between resumes and curriculum vitae, cover mechanics of the hiring process for internships, and offer tips on what to do and not do when contacting potential employers.

Kate Kaplan is Director of the Engineering Career Center (ECC) in the College of Engineering, and Kate Corcos is Program Coordinator for ECC. The ECC supports UIC students with services to assist them in the the
opportunity to gain practical work experience while they are still students.