HS-STEM Scholarships

DHS Scholarships in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
V.N. Venkatakrishnan and Robert Sloan

HS-STEM Scholarships is a DHS-funded program designed to train qualified professionals in cybersecurity and information assurance. This program supports graduate (M.S.) US citizen students during the course of their studies and provides excellent working opportunities after graduation.

The Computer Science Department in collaboration with the IGERT in Electronic Security and Privacy (ESP-IGERT) has obtained several DHS scholarships for its M.S. students. 


  • Full tuition and fees waivers
  • Stipend of $1800/month


  • US citizenship
  • Must be a full time M.S. student in the CS department at UIC.


  • Must commit to focus coursework on computing security with required courses and activities including CS 487 and 450 and others to be announced shortly
  • Must commit to go at the annual federal job fair and conferences organized by the HS-STEM program (Expenses paid by program).

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester 2013: August 1, 2013
Spring Semester 2014: November 15, 2013

Application Procedure

To apply, you must submit a letter and current (unofficial) transcript. The letter must state:
  • That it is an application for the DHS Scholarship in Computer Security
  • That you are a US citizen
  • The number of credit hours you've completed prior to this semester
  • The number of full time semesters until you will graduate
  • The overall GPA and the GPA in Computer Science
  • A four semester or shorter plan of courses that leads to graduation
  • The name of at least one faculty reference
Email the application letter and transcripts to our email at: securityigert@uic.edu

For more information write to us at securityigert@uic.edu.